Our projects

AOLAB+ Unita Unconventional Artist Residency

Author/artist Angel Brynner , the production arm AOLAB & the publishing imprint Kokopellima Press are currently based at UNITA club, the three cutting-edge creative workspaces in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach & EL Segundo.

"Altland2Empyrean," a series of modular murals keyed to grievechronic are curently in process at the EL Segundo Unita location through 2024.


3:Blackwater Rising

The summer of 2023 also saw the release of the Blackwater Rising Art+Travelogue. Featuring highlights from Blackwater AOLAB Active-art collection of collages created in process for Grievechronic alongside the final installment of raw mise en scenes and shorts from AOLAB's sojourn in New Orleans as both the artist and the city rebuilt post-hurricanes, BWR is a documentation of an artist making the best of being at her wit's end in regards to the stalking situation at the root of the birth of AOLAB, at the moment she finally decided to stop running away and instead chose to go towards, embracing the road God was letting her traverse due to the situation.

Blackwater Rising speaks to what rises up when you trouble the water so as to be healed.

The Grievechronic Revisionist AOLAB Active-Art Book series continues to grow.

The Grievechronic/revisionist active-art book series is a rabbithole into a select portion of the 1500+ collages produced by author/ artist Angel Brynner that helped give birth to the Grievechronic universe in literary form from 2002 through 2019.

Over the years, as an integral part of her writing process, the ten collections of collages have facilitated Brynner bringing the public into her literary world tangibly as she wrestled with bringing it fully to light as it came, using Active Art exhibits and installations patrons can step into, AOLAB Active Art Art Therapy decks to help them stay the course on the path to self love, and now, for the first time, bona fide "Active Art Books" that present an assortment of color coded imagery in book form ...and require a bit of an unconventional hands on approach to dig deeper into, if desired.

Launching in late 2022 with the first four horsemen of the grievechronic apocalypse [the road to Deluge, Blood, Zion and Halcyon collections], 2023 saw the soft release of FLESH AND BONE, the 2IN 1 Revisionist "double album experience" & Zenith, the psychotropic hit of the active-act collection of art monographs.

RATHE (unto the Fantastic) art exhibition/LA county

RATHE will unfurl in the beautiful Tiny Museum Room at Cherry Co from February 13 to March 5, 2023, with interactive onsite events sporadically announced during its run.

RATHE (unto the fantastic) is a tightly curated “previs” of sorts, an early blooming of the realm of Elision, book eight of the Grievechronic dark fantasy series coming out later this year. The art exhibit will explore this new realm via sights, sounds, icons, altar relics and home sanctuary takeaways.

Angel Brynner has marched to the beat of her own drum across the arts for over two decades. Her unconventional creative industries & arts career is rooted in a deep love for building out kinetic, over-the-top dark fantasy portals for patrons to step into. Her art installations serve as both the artist’s refining of the worlds within her books and as real-time spaces for viewers to viscerally experience the Grievechronic series prior to book launches. Her other installations include large-scale, site-specific night takeovers in the halcyon days of NYC & Tokyo’ clublands for wild menswear fashion events and hotel mural commissions from Montreal to Tahoe. From Soho to Sedona, across the globe and back, Angel Brynner invades art galleries with the ever shapeshifting Grievechronic universe.